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The MySnowBuddy application allows ski and snowboard enthusiasts from the lower mainland, connect and embark on new and exciting mountain adventures. We encourage everyone to get involved and either join a ride share in progress, or offer a lift on your next trip to the mountain. We have compiled answers to the most frequently asked questions for each secton. If you are still unable to locate an answer, please submit a request via the Contact Section or on our Facebook About Page

How to Bookmark MySnowBuddy

Quickly and easily return to the MySnowBuddy application by bookmarking the application at the bottom left of facebook. Once you have bookmarked the application, you can access the application from any facebook page. Check the screenshot below:

Bookmark Help

Ride Share

Ride Share or Carpooling can be set up to be as structured or as flexible as you and your fellow carpoolers need. To work well, it does require some coordination, cooperation and flexibility from those participating. Whether you’re driving or looking for a way up to the mountain, rideshare allows you to:

  • Save Money – drive with a group of people; you’ll save tons of money on gas and other transportation costs.
  • Save the Environment – fewer cars on the roads mean quicker driving times and less carbon emissions. Every car counts!!
  • Meet New People – extend your personal and professional network meeting new and exciting people from all walks of life.
  • Ride More – this will make the mountain more accessible than ever before.

Click here to view the Ride Share guidelines and frequently asked questions.

Buy & Sell

The Buy & Sell Marketplace is a self-service solution for listing items for sale, wanted, or free. You can use Marketplace to find things you want to buy or use, as well as list anything you are in the market for purchasing, renting, etc. For the best results, we encourage users to post mountain related items, but you may post whatever items you choose. Help keep the Buy & Sell clean and useful by reporting any inappropriate content you see.

Click here to view the Buy & Sell guidelines.


All weather conditions are updated once per hour and provided on a single page for your convenience. As the community grows we will add more features included extended forecast and additional mountains. If you notice a "?" or unavailable status, that means the conditions are not currently available for that specific field. Please note, forecasts and current conditions can quickly change, please use caution and plan appropriately.

Terms & Conditions

View detailed Terms of Service Conditions applicable to the MySnowBuddy website and Facebook Application.


To submit your feedback, please visit the contact page.